Eales Corporate Pollution Cartoon

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Eales’ pessimistic perception of corporate pollution of the planet presents a grim, disheartening reality as he portrays the thick, impenetrable smog released into the atmosphere and the sizable corporations and businesses that produce it. In this business cartoon, the artist paints an image of two businessmen standing atop a building as they gaze upon the polluted air created by the very businesses that they work for. In addition, he adds the quote “Think of it not as pollution, but as the sweet fragrance of prosperity,” which brings to mind the merciless attitude we humans demonstrate for the sake of progress. Eales’ satirical tone about businesses displays his stance on the issue as he ridicules corporations and companies alike. For the sake of progress and advancement, humans will stop at nothing to achieve their goal, whether they have to harm the environment or massacre the general public.…show more content…
For this reason, the people created for the purpose of this cartoon try to rephrase the negative idea of pollution into a more positive topic regarding prosperity and progress. Their euphemism of pollution only tries to cover up its severe aspects and characteristics and not confront them. All things considered, the cartoonist desired to bring attention to this issue while stating the hypocrisy of corporations as they claim to be improving society when, in fact, they are only bringing harm to nature and to the environment. By creating this cartoon, he has stated his opinion on the matter as he implies how he yearns to stop pollution and the corporations that contaminate the atmosphere with their toxic gases and
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