Economic And Social Changes In The American System Between 1812-1860

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Following the War of 1812, and contrary to the America that Jefferson envisioned, the United States entered a period of economic growth with robust international trade, busy markets, and commerce (Schultz, 2013). During this time period, referred to as the American System, the focus was placed on the production of American goods, as well as retaining those items in the United States (Schultz, 2013). Additionally, the success of this system generated many economic and social changes that became known as the Market Revolution (Schultz, 2013). As a result of the imposed taxes on imported items, internal improvements, and the establishment of a national bank, the American System led into the Market Revolution (Schultz, 2013). During the period of time from 1812-1860, three major changes prompted the Market Revolution. First, The Transportation and Communications Revolution enabled people to move their goods from one area to another at a much faster speed and at a more profitable margin (Schultz, 2013). Roadways, canals, steamboats, and railroads allowed goods to be transported much faster to markets throughout the country. In addition, at the same time that transportation was …show more content…

People began to settle in the cities and oftentimes those were located near waterways (Schultz, 2013). With factory development and market expansion, urbanization was a slow process (Schultz, 2013). Requiring wood as a source of power for railroads and steamboats, as well as clearing land as people moved west, had dramatic environmental effects (Schultz, 2013). With the development of factories, the labor force changed in that oftentimes, women worked in the factories (Schultz, 2013). During this time the development of the working class and the middle class was set apart (Schultz, 2013). Rising protests on working and living conditions also occurred as changes during this period of time (Schultz,

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