Economic Globalization

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Economic globalization has now become a common trend of the times in which all countries in the world can not be ignored. It is known as a process of the strong increase which affect the relationship and interactions across all areas of economic life, society, politics among nations and peoples around the world. Apparently, this type of globalization is the reason for the rising of social diversity and this essay will shine a light the way how it leads to the exchange of culture as well as the growth of economic and tourism.
With many different cultures, the world have a tendency to be growing smaller day-by-day. Nowadays, there are more and more immigrants who bring their culture to other country. Once they get to the new country, it means that they had created a new culture in the country they live; therefore it could lead to form a multi-cultural society. Frank Preiss has found in 2004, urbanization enhanced this trend and there were almost 80% of the residents in OECD countries live in cities while 54% of populations still living in the countryside. When immigrants moving in, it means we have more ethnic restaurants to dine in, more cultural centers to enjoy, and easier to buy products which only available in other countries in the world. Furthermore, Lisa D.Belfield shows that this multiplicity makes countries become a more stimulating place to live, as people from diverse cultures contribute language skills, different ways of thinking, new knowledge as well as

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