Edmund Blood Distinctively Visual Analysis Essay

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Analysis of the image for an age of innocence assignment, by Tymarah Shand HND Group B

Painting (attached at bottom): Gertrud Elizabeth (Nee Blood) Lady Colin Campbell
Sitter: Gertrud Elizabeth Blood
Artist: Giovanni Boldini
Type: Oil on canvas
Year: 1897
Size: 1843 mm X 1202 mm
Location: Room 28, National Portrait Gallery, London
This stunning painting was my inspiration for the age of innocence assignment. The portrait was donated to the National Portrait Gallery in 1911 by Winfred Brooke Alder at the request of the model, Gertrud Blood. Gertrud was born in 1857 to Father Edmund Maghlin Blood and mother Mary Amy Fergusson. She was one of three children, Older brother Neptune William born in 1853 and older sister Mary Beatrice born in 1855. Edmund Blood was an Irish landowner and had estates in County Claire since the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.
Gertrud Elizabeth met her husband to be, Lord Colin Campbell, son of the Duke of Argyll in 1880 while in Scotland and the couple were engaged within days they were married within a year on 21st July 1881. The marriage had to be postponed twice due to Lord Colin Campbells health issues. Edmund Maghlin Blood (Gertrud’s father) suspected Lord Colin Campbell …show more content…

I think this is from her strong career and her sporting skills. Her body is also positioned in a S shape. This is seductive body language that adds a level of femininity to the masculine leg positons. The flowers attached to the dress, in addition to adding some daintiness to her image also bring attention to her low-neck line and the long pointed torso shows off her tiny waist in the draped in a black satin dress. The way her body curves shows a contemporary art nouveau style and exaggerated fashion drawings, the simple jewellery and dress as the main focal point gives an overall timeless

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