Educ 302 Research Paper

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Final Paper
Melissa Phelan
EDUC 302
March 11, 2016
Liberty University Compare and contrast the bottom-up curriculum and the top-down curriculum

Both the bottom-up and the top-down curriculum are similar in that they have the same objective: teaching students to understand the text. They are different in the approach to teaching students to understand the text. The term bottom-up curricula refers to a reading model that assumes the process of translating print to meaning begins with children learning the parts of language (Letters) to understanding whole text (meaning) (Vacca, et al., 2015). The top-down model of teaching assumes that the construction of textual meaning depends on the reader’s prior knowledge and experiences …show more content…

Reading aloud is important and should be fun and powerful and many parents don’t know the dos and don’ts of a successful read aloud. Therefore, I have created five easy to understand rules for read …show more content…

Do make reading fun and interesting. Don’t make it a chore or punishment, then children will grow to dislike reading. It is neither necessary nor desirable to make the reading-to-children time into a structured lesson. The primary objective is enjoyment (Vacca, et al., 2015).
2. Do plan for reading aloud encounters with literature. Practicing before you read aloud is important and you should think about the story’s structure, characters, descriptions, illustrations, themes and use of language (Vacca, et al., 2015). Don’t take reading aloud lightly. Practicing will help you not stumble over words and help to accomplish all the dos and don’ts rules I have created.
3. Do interact with the children while you are reading. Use your voice to convey meaning (Vacca, et al., 2015) by speaking in a different pitch, tones, and voices throughout the reading this makes it fun for the children and keeps them engaged. Don’t just read the book in a monotone voice and move on. By reading in a monotone voice the child/ren become disengaged.
4. Do read from a wide variety of genres and topics. There are many genres and topic to choose from literature, stories, drama, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, historical, scientific and the list goes on. If you are having difficulty choose a variety any librarian can help you. Don’t only read from one genre or topic, children will lose

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