Education And Technology: The Challenges Of Technology In Education

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Abstract Learning ‘using’ technologies has become a widely accepted phenomenon. The combination of education and technology has pioneered a stone for human progress. The national governments and non-governmental agencies who fund educational endeavours in developing countries have supported the use of new technologies to reduce the cost of accessing education by children and adults lacking in education. But, the rapid emergence of new technologies has brought certain uncertainties too. If these new technologies at a time of dramatic population increase continue to produce more and more with less and less labor input then the world is headed with hundreds of millions of marginalized humans. The current need of the world is having a skill in understanding the impact of technology on the society as well as individuals instead of producing new technologies. The emergence of technologies enhances the scope of developing economies to the world market, but little has been done for deprived people in education sector. This paper includes the scenario of technology based classrooms, role of teachers and stakeholders as well as advantages and disadvantages of this concept. This paper also includes the applications of technology driven learning. Keywords: education, technology, Distance learning, globalization, Digital divide 1. Introduction Education is a process that is too be accessed throughout life irrespective of time and place. Now-a-days, society requires

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