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Edward Boehm, a famous sculptor, and his career is an interesting case study to learn about the business. This essay is going to analyze the situation of Boehm’s company, clarify main problems they met and suggest some potential solutions for those issues.
As mentioned in the case study, Boehm became a sculptor when he quitted farm work and launched his own business in gift and art market, which allowed him to improve his talent as creating clay animal sculptures. Hence, in organization aspect, the entity specialized on art field and focused on the nature. From management view, the business was operated by Mr. and Mrs. Boehm and Boehm is craftsman …show more content…

The advantage of this classification is setting up customer segment, making it easier for customers to choose suitable works. Moreover, Haberberg, Rieple (2008, p.159) claimed that right segmentation is important because it combines customization and mass marketing. In addition, choosing a single company to distribute the products was a wise option as it could ensure the quality and make the works exclusive.
Overall, we see that the firm worked quite well and even efficiently because of some analysis above. However, if the entity is judged in a deeper way, Boehm will really meet trouble in long-term. Therefore, after reading the case carefully, I assume that the main issue here was ambiguous goal, the lack of specific mission and vision.
In fact, the company concepts were spreading Boehm’s talent, advocating nature and making profit. However, all three objectives were equal, so it was hard to concentrate on sole strategy to develop the firm in specialized way. This led to the difficulty in deciding which product process was appropriate, jobbing or mass process. Moreover, vague goal also resulted in unclear kind of customers, so it would make some obstacles determining the product portfolio, leading the surplus due to wrong anticipation. Therefore, inventory would increase, costing more expense of storing. …show more content…

In this circumstance, Green Strategy would be an appropriate choice because it both focuses on sustaining environment through the messages Boehm left in his works and developing the business opportunities to expand (Lynch, 2012, p.22). My advice here is still paying attention to Boehm’s talent and the support for nature. However, they should concentrate mainly on the profit, because if they made more profit, they would be wealthy as wishes and become famous, which attracts people. Therefore, Boehm’s competence would be well-known worldwide, taking advantage of sending message of protecting nature. Followed my suggestion, there is sequence of actions which ought to be

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