Edward Britton By Gary Crew And Philip Nielsen

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Edward Britton by Gary Crew and Philip Nielsen is a novel that explores a fictional story based on the historical past of Point Puer, the boy’s prison at Port Arthur, Tasmania. The story investigates the lives of two individual teenage boys, who as convicts are suffering the same consequences. However, it's their past, hopes and fears that separate each character from one another. As for one of the boys, Izod Wolfe suffers a very distinct and cruel past. His story is introduced very early as it impacts his character and intentions dramatically. As revenge and anger fuelled his mind, hatred towards others gave Izod a reason for survival. Hatred to those who are responsible for the pain and suffering of his past. Izod Wolfe is a character that is approached very differently from any other. His past and memories are what shapes who is he and what he is to become. His anger and hatred fill the majority of his mind and as a reader, this is the only perspective of his character we are able to uncover. “It was hate that kept him alive” (page 14), leads the reader to understand how strong his hatred is towards the people responsible for the lives lost. “The kindling that …show more content…

Izod Wolfe is a character of mystery and darkness as we are only aware of his suffering and loss. Leading the reader, curious and unaware of Izod’s true identity. However, the author leaves various character traits throughout the novel leaving an insight into who he might have been. Initially, from the second chapter, his character is introduced as quiet, abnormal and alone to his own devices. Born in Ireland 1826, Izod Wolfe is a young boy with both poor education and an unhealthy lifestyle. These various qualities significantly make an impact towards the character, causing isolation and aloneness. Although as a child he experienced happiness and joy which leads to hope that one day he can discover contentment

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