Edward Britton Character Analysis

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Edward Britton by Gary Crew and Philip Nielsen tells the story of young British boy, Edward Britton. Who he believes was wrongfully sent to Port Arthur. It illustrates the hardships and struggles of being transported to Port Arthur and living a convict life as a young boy. He was not afraid to tell people what he thought, and was very brave. He is very well educated, and is clearly far more smarter and talented than other convict boys. Despite his savageness, he makes good relationships with other convicts and overseers. (Represented from chapters 1-13) It is evident that Edward Britton is a very brave boy. He stood up to the gang of boys, even though they were very intimidating with their cannibalism history and knife stash, Edward did not …show more content…

His name is Izod Wolfe. He is quiet, filled with hatred, and desperate for revenge. Before disaster had struck, Izod lived a happy life with nine others in his family, who worked on a potato farm. Izod talks about his bitterness towards Sergeant Buckridge, and his plans to kill his family, which may impact another important character. Being quiet, he generally goes unnoticed and does not really have any friends. (Represented from Chapter 1-8) Izods life before Port Arthur was great. He was the youngest in his family, and was able to run free. He went to school too. But disastrously, his father’s crops failed, so Izod had to work hard to help. The potatoes kept on failing, and the landlord took action and took their animals, then the house. His father was taken away and forced to work on the roads. Izods family had to scavenge for anything, but it didn’t last long. His whole family died of starvation. Izod sought revenge, he had remembered the name “Buckridge” who had caused this. Izod became miserable, but dedicated to kill Buckridge. He eventually was found in the city, and was sent to Port Arthur for vagrancy.Izod arrives at Port Arthur, and hears word of Buckridge. (Chapter 2

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