The Watsons Go To Birmingham-1963 Character Analysis

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In the novel “The Watsons go to Birmingham - 1963” by Christopher Paul Curtis, between Kenny and Byron I think Byron changes the most on both the inside and the outside. For example, Byron goes from throwing people at fences, to risking his own life to save his brother’s. In the beginning of the story, Byron is a rude jerk who doesn’t care about anyone else. However, towards the end of the story Byron becomes a kind, strong-willed person willing to save his brother’s life by risking his own. At the beginning of the novel, Byron makes some pretty bad choices. The worst thing that Byron does is he dyes his hair a reddish-brown color and gets a conk haircut. This event didn’t end very well for Byron either. When dad got home, he shaved Byron’s head with nothing left but little whiskers on his head. Byron has good intentions however, he has a bad way of executing…show more content…
When the Watsons get to Birmingham, Byron, Kenny, and their little sister Joetta go swimming. Grandma Sands tells them no matter what, not to go to Collier’s Landing, however when they get to the sign for Collier’s Landing, Byron tricks Kenny into going to Collier’s Landing. When Kenny gets to the swimming hole, he gets in and suddenly is sucked down by a whirlpool. This is when Byron shows his true colors, the text states, “I got pulled in a little further and saw someone else in the water with me, kicking up a ton of dirt and scratching at the water like they were crazy. Byron!” This is Byron’s final show of how much he actually cares about his brother, by saving his brother’s life by risking his own. In “The Watsons go to Birmingham - 1963” a novel by Christopher Paul Curtis, there are a lot of changes between Kenny and Byron. Byron changed the most. He has gone from jerk to kind, from mean to caring, from thick-headed to strong-willed. Through it all he has even managed to keep his tough-guy
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