Effect Of Bureaucracy In Pakistan

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INTRODUCTION Bureaucracy forms the backbone of a country 's administrative setup. Brilliant minds, blessed with extraordinary acumen, are inducted into the civil service to ensure that the best people come at the helm. As policy-implementing arm of the government, the Civil Service officers strive to serve the interests of the public and those of the state in a way that there is continuation in state policies regardless of the change of governments. The job of politicians is to make policies and job of bureaucracy is to implement these policies but in Pakistan we have an ineffective and corrupt bureaucracy which is also involved in politics and works on the tune of rulers. A dysfunctional Bureaucracy has kept Pakistan many years behind the rest of the world. Bureaucracy is above and beyond politics and it has to be neutral and impartial. Involvement of bureaucracy in politics is one the key causes of the decline of civil service of Pakistan. Bureaucrats have political affiliations because all the transfers, promotions and appointments were done by politicians. The link in performance and reward is broken and only those officials who have same political influence manage to get out of term promotions. Most of the bureaucrats in Pakistan work for the interests of politicians and their constituency, and not for the common man. BUREAUCRACY Bureaucracy is derived from French word bureau, meaning a desk and it means desk government. It is a government by bureaus. Bureaucracy is
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