Non Suicidal Self-Injury Essay

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Being different is what makes us unique, every single person experience the 24 hours of a day in a totally different way, which explains why each one of us has a different perspective on life, some can get over life’s obstacles while others find difficulties in dealing with it.
Self-injury is usually connected with suicide, whereas in reality they are completely two different things, but they are put together in one group because they are inflictions of pain, and perhaps self-injury or self-harm can lead to committing suicide later on.
Non-suicidal self-injury is the intention to harm your body physically such as cutting, scratching the skin, bruising... but NOT all self-injury is an attempt to die.
In the other hand, Suicide is a way when the person feels the need to end his life because there is no other way to get out of whatever is making them suffer. These kinds of persons lose every small hope …show more content…

Once it begins, those persons understands they don 't have whatever viable adapting component and gets to be reliant on how cutting makes them feel, Nobody would be able to harm themselves again and again once more just for the sake of attention.
When a person cuts themselves the brain releases endorphins which makes people feel good, in a way it is like a drug, it gives someone a fake high, a fake sense of relief, a fake escape from reality. Once it is starts and the person doing it understands they like how it affects them it gets to be something they rely on upon. These people rely on being able to go home and cut so they can take away the torments they experienced during the day.

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