Electoral College Benefits

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Joel Hale 1. In the first article it is stated that after Trump had won the election even though he had lost the popular vote, several angry Democrats and liberals were calling for the abolition of the Electoral College. The Electoral College was designed to prevent coastal elites from large states from getting to pick the president. People were furious that Clinton didn’t win, and millions of people in California, New York, and other states wrongly believed that their support would affect the outcome. A suggestion for moving forward is keeping the Electoral College, with some minor changes, and get rid of the popular vote. With a lottery-based system, we would be going back to the way the founders had envisioned. The benefits would outweigh…show more content…
Also, I think that we should get rid of the popular vote. There are so many reasons why we need an Electoral College. The Electoral College keeps the coastal elites from basically choosing whoever they want for president. Many people often get mistaken and believe that the Founders wanted a popular vote and power to the people, however, nowhere in the constitution does it say anything about that. If there wasn’t an Electoral College then the smaller states would be at a complete disadvantage. It is giving the smaller states equal power compared to the larger states. If it was based on popular votes, the people around the coasts would dominate and dictate the election. The constitution is big on giving states rights and power, so this helps give all states power. Getting rid of the popular vote would get rid of this idea that the peoples vote does actually impact the election. We get several voters who do really care about the election. We aren’t even close to the full population voting during the election. From this past election, people still don’t understand how Clinton won the popular vote, and lost the election, and then they think this is all unfair. But that is not how the founding fathers had planned for it, because if the majority always won, then the minority would always lose. Also, there are so many people that don’t really understand politics and what each candidate represents and will do, if we
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