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1. Elizabeth Bennet (Lizzie): was the second eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet who was favoured by Mr. Bennet. She was the most intelligent, lively, playful and sensible sister of the five Bennet sisters. In the beginning of the novel, she overheard Mr. Darcy saying that she was fairly beautiful which had created prejudice in her heart towards him. But later, she overcame that prejudice and Mr. Darcy had defeated his pride and they both had surrendered their hearts to each other.
2. Fitzwilliam Darcy: was a wealthy gentleman who became the owner of the renowned family estate of Pemberley in Derbyshire. He was a handsome, tall, and an intelligent man. Also he was honest when he presented his opinion, but his excess pride made him look …show more content…

Mary Bennet: was the middle Bennet sister, who didn't appear much in the novel. She also preferred spending her time playing the pianoforte or reading rather than going to parties and dancing.
8. Catherine Bennet "Kitty" and Lydia Bennet: were the two youngest sisters whom Mrs. Bennet had encouraged to flirt with the officers. Both sisters had disgraced the name of the Bennet family, especially Lydia, who had run off with Mr. Wickham without marriage.
9. George Wickham: was a handsome officer whom Elizabeth was attracted to in the beginning, but from Darcy's report about him, Elizabeth lost interest in him. He also later ran off with Lydia and agreed to marry her for an annual income which Mr. Darcy had paid him.
10. Mr. William Collins: was a young clergyman who was to inherit Mr. Bennet's property after Mr. Bennet's death. Mr. Collins proposed to Elizabeth during his visit to the Bennets, but she refused. So he then turned to Charlotte Lucas, who agreed to marry him.
11. Charlotte Lucas: was Elizabeth's best friend who married Mr. Collins and went to live with him in the Parsonage in Hunsford.
12. Caroline Bingley: was Mr. Bingley's sister, who had tried in vain to attract Mr. Darcy's attention, but had failed due to Mr. Darcy's great love to

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