Elvis Presley's Impact On American Pop Culture

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According to the documentary, When America was Rocked, Elvis Presley was a rock ‘n’ roll teenage icon in the 1950’s. When he was signed for The Ed Sullivan Show, in September of 1956, fans all over were aroused. The Ed Sullivan Show was one of the most prestigious and popular shows in the 1950’s. Elvis Presley’s appearance on this show bolstered ratings and represented a huge moment in American Pop Culture history because of the influence of teenage consumerism, the mass impact of television, and the cultural and social challenges presented by rock ‘n’ roll music. Elvis Presley’s appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show was impactful because of the influence of teenage consumerism. The 1950’s started the emergence of the “teenager” as a distinct cultural and consumer group. Teenagers became trend-setters, whether it be for their taste in fashion or music. Teenage consumerism skyrocketed as Elvis Presley became famous. A teenager himself, Elvis’s popularity came from teenage girls- who usually pined over his good looks and attractive voice. His sensual dance moves and music captivated many rowdy teenagers. After his appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, Presley’s popularity reached a new high. Retail stores began selling Elvis products- Elvis …show more content…

Not only is Elvis Presley an inspiration to other musicians, his influence on teenagers gave them a sense of purpose and freedom. Elvis remains to be one of the most influential roles in society in that he can be expressive with his actions and have everyone around him understand what he is trying to convey. No matter how many adults dismissed Elvis as a nuisance, his impact on society proves that he deserves to be called the “King of Rock ‘n’

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