How Did Elvis Presley Affected The 1950's Culture

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There is no doubt that Elvis Aaron Presley changed the musical industry, and impacted the 1950 culture. Born on January 8th, 1935 in Tupelo Mississippi, Presley was born to be a star. He was inspired at a young age by the music sung in church, and the sweet sound of country. In 1953 Elvis recorded a two song demo at suns studios for a whopping four dollars. Sam Phillips listened to it and instantly liked it, he then made the decision to create a record staring Elvis Presley. After making a hit song that caught the attention of Colonel Tom Parker, he put Presley on tour. Elvis blew the audience away at every show, and in 1955 he became a rising sensation. Elvis Presley's upward road towards fame was due to his influence on rock-n-roll, his testimonies to society and civil rights, and his motives to create a new era. With the title “King of Rock” Presley was selling out shows and winning lifetime achievement awards right and left. He was the start of a new musical generation in the 1950s. …show more content…

Shortly after his departure, his mother Gladys, died of heart failure. Elvis was able to leave his Fort for five days to attend his mother's funeral. While Overseas he met a 14 year old lady who he married nine years later in 1967. On February 1, 1968 Elvis and his wife Priscilla were blessed to have their one and only child, a beautiful baby girl. When he returned to the music and acting scene he was still known, but his career was a taking a turn for the worse. Elvis was making songs and acting, but they were nowhere near what they used to be. The public was criticizing his music, saying that it was not as good as before. He inspired many musical artist, including the Beatles, who came to surpass Elvis. While his career in the music world seemed to look bleak, Elvis came to surprise us yet again. Changing his clothing style, and producing better music, 1969 held Presley at the top

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