Emotions Affect People's Perception Of Beauty

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Beauty is a term often used to praise something or someone. Everyone has their own definition and perspective of beauty. But while people are deciding whats beauty and whats not, does their personal emotion involves in their decision making process of deciding what is beauty? In this essay, the definition of emotions and absolute beauty are going to be defined, then moving on to whether emotions affect people’s perceptions, and does emotions affect people’s perception of beauty.

To define emotion, there are a lot of different theories and definition to explain what emotion really is and how do they function. Since that emotions can be analysed in a lot of different ways, it is difficult to define it. In one side, emotions can be really complicated and subtle, the special thing of what makes people human. But on the other hand, the responses of animals to human are also really similar when it comes to human’s emotion. Furthermore, we can also see that the emotions human have and the way that they are expressing it is how it reflects the social environment that they are living in. According to the English Oxford Dictionary, “the source of emotion is mysterious, there seem to be a limitless number of them and their effect is so varied in terms of nature and duration. It’s therefore important to try to get them handled as soon as possible.” In order to understand whether emotions affect our perception, it is important to know that how can emotions be exploited. People may
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