Why Is Artifice Important To Be Successful

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According to Chris Hedges in his excerpt “Empire of Illusion,” “The most essential skill in political theater and a consumer culture is artifice” (Hedges 1). Chris Hedges wrote this book to persuade the audience that the most essential skill a person can have is artifice, the skill of deception. Throughout the excerpt, Hedges covered the important of artifice by detailing the importance of personal narratives, where the reality is irrelevant (prompt). This topic is broadly known as controversial due to the fact that some people believe artifice is necessary to be successful in life. However, others believe there are various other skills one can possess while being just as successful. Acquiring artifice is very beneficial to one’s success as it helps them create a personal and appealing narrative, however it is not the most essential tactic of success as the skill of perseverance is the most essential to success. Possessing artifice is beneficial to success as it helps to create personal narratives that emotionally connect with others. A showcase example of someone who has mastered this trait is Frank Abagnale, who hoaxed his way to success. Abagnale acted as several different characters; a doctor and a pilot, just to name a couple. While these ambitions are challenging, Abagnale’s personal narratives were so strongly built that he had …show more content…

Artifice is not always essential to success, but neither is perseverance… Or, success could be found with both qualities. Artifice can be an useful skill for those looking to gain success through decievement. It allows use for personal narratives to come into play, connecting the alias with those around them. However, perseverance is also known to be the most essential factor in success as it is a skill that gets people who fail farther in

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