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Encomium Essay Someone that has inspired me to be who I am to this day is my mom Mirna Castellon and I’m going to explain why I praise her for everything she has done for me. A little background on my mom she’s is original from San Salvador, El Salvador. At the time San Salvador where she lived was a really poor place and the Salvadoran civil war was happening also well. My mom was raised during the civil war and she became a strong woman from this experienced that happen to her. She would help around the family so it could get better because it was always a struggle to get food or money to buy things they need. She looked over her younger siblings while the old siblings went out to work on the farm they owned. While everyone was at …show more content…

If my mom didn’t run to my grandparent’s room I don’t know what would’ve happened. Later on they decided to move to the US because they didn’t want to stay there anymore because of all that was happening and they wanted to have a better life. The reason my mom gave me on why she moved to the United States because she thought he she were to have kids she wanted them to get a better education then she had and wanted us to have a better life than what she went though. I am grateful that my mom was thinking about us at the time and that’s why I love her and I want to give back to her and my dad when I finish college. Its just one of my goals to give back to them especially my mom because of all the things she went through and wants me to be a better man when I’m older. Overall I praise my mom because she has to put up with me even though we have some bad agreements at times but at the end of the day I love her no matter what because she is doing all this for my sister and I. She is an amazing woman and I am thankful to have her as a mom because of all the things she has done for me and I hope later on when I get my degree I would make her proud. I also praise her for all the things she has overcome like the war that went on in here country, making it to the US so we could have a better life, and for being an amazing mother that I love no matter

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