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Writing is a language. If we take simple words and bluntly put the phrases into paragraphs, it defies the meaning of this broad dialect. I, Abigail Platon, will not only understand this odd, foreign language but make it my own while painting a picture with the power of correct grammar and lines of beautiful word choice. The only way I can find a gateway to this dream is through, one, hard work on my own and, two, in Temple City’s English Honors class. Through this program, I can achieve the goals I desire to complete, either in the academic year or the “foreseeable” future. In taking Temple City’s English Honors class, I can be provided the essentials to improve my writing skills. I want any written pieces headed with my name or signature to stand out from the others (that includes my peers.) When I apply to college, I want my essays to be so interesting that the reader, preferably the professor of the university, to be at the edge of their seat wondering what could possibly happen next. If I take the English Honors class, the workload provided (from what I’ve heard) will certainly be a challenge. A challenge in which I happily agree in completing if it means to improve my …show more content…

It has already been established that I definitely want to become a better writer in the future. Also, being able to keep the reader entertained and beg for more is wonderful! "To create enthusiasm for scholarship, desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character" (National Honors Society) are all goals I want to achieve and the main purposes of the National Honors Society. In achieving all four purposes, I will be able to enter this program and gain the needed essentials for an IV league college. This possibility will further my chances in being accepted to a future in practicing medicine (an occupation I want to see myself participate in as an

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