Environmental Effects Of Oil Spill Effects On The Environment

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Effect of oil spill Oil spill causes damages to the environment, human, animals, economy and so on. Million gallons of oil spill each year. These oil spill releases: • Threat to public health and safety • contaminate drinking water • gradually diminish air and water quality, • compromise agriculture, • destroy recreational areas, • waste nonrenewable resources, • cause severe environmental impacts on ecosystems, and • exposes wildlife and plants and destroy habitats and food • it causes widely spread fire and explosions Environmental effects: Oil spill has a comprehensive impact which is sometimes interpreted by the media as long lasting environmental catastrophe, such illustration or perception are understandable, they are always backed up with distressing images and photos of oiled birds, fishes and other wildlife. It is sometimes true that an oil spill may have a shorter term effect, especially when the organisms are weighed on individual basis or categorically. In most cases many of the ecosystems usually affected by marine oil spill are used to natural disturbances. These various factors should be considered to help determine the effectiveness of an oil spill in a marine environment • The type of oil spilled • The quantity • Volume The most common environmental oil spill effect on the environment is the release of un-wanted oil into the sea, ocean or river by companies. The oil spillage sea, oceans and so on has dangerous effect on the fishes, dolphins, sharks, sea

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