Environmentalism In The 1970s

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By the early 1970s, thanks to investigative writers like Rachel Carson who looked at the use of pesticides in Agriculture and especially, thanks to the media attention surrounding Santa barbara oil spill. There is this strong national trend in America towards Environmentalism-It became very popular. The media really played a very big part in advancing this cause here. In the early 1970s, the Keep America Beautiful organization was founded.This is essentially -created, and launched -this new public service campaign .They designed a clean community system which was essentially a group of national local community anti- litter campaigns. But their biggest contribution in terms of cultural icons was called the “Crying Indian”. The Native American…show more content…
But, really keeping alive these issues of environmental disasters and the need for national legislation were the events themselves and the media really jumped on one after another. In the 1970s there was the 3-mile island accident which is essentially a nuclear reactor that came very close to having a meltdown in Pennsylvania. Due to some errors and a malfunction they released radioactivity into the air and over several days they planted thousands of gallons of radioactive water into the Saxton’s river. Children and pregnant women were evacuated and all sorts of reports of disability in children followed the years of events there. All of these was heavily shown in the media, television watch, newspapers covered it. The result of it really besides the decades of lawsuits to Company, was that the American public began to rethink the benefits as well as the dangers of nuclear power and nuclear…show more content…
All of these hazardous waste at a site near Niagara falls.But later on housing development sprang up and schools were built on the area and very quickly these chemicals began to ooze up into the surface. Well, a fairly average citizen Lois Gibbs moved into the community, 1974, with her family. And quickly her son and daughter both developed blood diseases and other ailments. And so, Gibbs began to look around and talk to other people and through her investigation discovered that the disease was very widespread throughout the community. In response, the government declared a state of emergency -heavily publicized there. And then President Carter waited in as well declaring the area a federal environmental emergency for the love canal by 1980 there. Congress in response to this also created comprehensive environmental response: compensation and liability act nicknamed --The superfund. So just like with the 3-mile island accident the results of the love canal were rather permanent. There was, of course, the public outrage inspired by the media and so

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