Epilogue To John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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The woodlands by the ranch were peaceful, not alarmed by the breeze of death and sorrow that followed the men as they marched through the canvas of green. Alerted by the footsteps of the men, the rabbits scuttled back into their burrows. The trees swayed in the glistening sunlight that bounced between them, igniting the woodlands with light. It was quiet, but death intruded on this harmonious atmosphere. Laying in the arms of George, Lennie looked as calm and peaceful as a kitten cuddling its owner. Unlike George, Lennie looked the opposite. Sadness crept up his face and regret shone in his eyes. He was feeling anything but calm and wanted to scream at any possible second. Flowing through his mind were the memories of him and George. He remembered …show more content…

I 'm sorry." muttered Crooks. He stops digging for a moment and gazes out towards the still silent trees that waved in the winds. "My dog. Curley 's Wife. Now Lennie. Why… Rest in peace." Candy whispers. Splash! Splash! The sound of splashing like violent rain striking a window comes from within the woodlands, interrupting the gloomy thoughts of the men. "Where is he? I 'm gonna kill him! ‘Aint he gonna face me" yelled Curley as he stormed into the woodlands where Lennie lay on the ground, angering the forest floor. The breeze grew stronger as if annoyed by the intrusion of the men. The men exchanged quick wary glances, but none of them moved. Their digging slowed as Curley appeared out from behind the trees. "There you are… wait. Oh. Oh, Dear. Is he dead?" he said without giving an inkling of grief. Candy nods quickly. Eyebrows raised, Curley storms over to where Lennie lay peacefully. But before he was able to attempt anything, The Boss charged into the place where the men gathered, grabbing his son by the collar and dragging him away. His face full of rage, he is always the one who had to sort Curley out: he had to calm his anger, convince him not to marry that tart or generally teach him how to behave! Curley continues to scream, but it becomes muffled soon

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