Erick Erikson's Stages Of Psychosocial Development

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Erick Erikson’s Theory Erikson’s stages of psycho-social developments comprising a series of eight interrelated stages, this is where a healthy developing individual should pass through from infancy until they reach their late adulthood. However, if an individual child had a terrible past, they might unable to cope with scenario’s that life present later. Per Erikson’s theory, he proposed that our lifespan model of psycho-social development, taking in five stages up until a child reached the age of nineteen years and other stages occurs through their adulthood.
To begin with, the first stage which
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Role, Fidelity is the virtue. This is the stage where a child reached Adolescence at the age of thirteen to nineteen years old. This is the time where they acquire a sense of identity developed or it can also become confused about one roles in life. In addition, the six stages of developments which is called Intimacy vs. Isolation, Love is the virtue of this stage. It is a stage the Adolescence reached Young Adulthood at the age of twenty to forty years of age. It is the time where relationship and joint identity with a partner is developed or it can also a stage where young adult can isolated themselves and stay away from meaningful relationships. In my own experience because I am facing stage five which is identity vs. role confusion, it is the time where I continuing support and loyal to a particular person because he/she is a friend of…show more content…
Stagnation, this the seventh stage of developments and Care is the virtue of this particular stage. This stage is known to be the Middle Adulthood; it started in the age of forty to sixty-five years of age. It is the period where the middle adulthood make use of their time by helping others and they also guide our next generation or it can also the stage they can become self-centred and stagnant. However, the last stage is called Late Adulthood and this period is known to be the period of Integrity vs. Despair, Wisdom is the virtue of this particular stage. It is from the age of sixty and above, this stage is where they understand and accept the true meaning of temporary life or it can also be the stage, they complains about their regrets of not having enough time and also they don’t find a true meaning of lives throughout their
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