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Rough Draft It had been a very exciting day. Thousands of cheerful people lined the streets waiting for a glimpse as the much beloved president, John F. Kennedy. The crowd roared in excitement as the motorcade passed by. JFK, the Governor of Texas and Mrs. Kennedy all rode in the motorcade, waving to the enormous crowds. At 12:30, there was a loud bang, preceded by another. First the governor was shot, and then the president. At that moment, Mrs. Kennedy was filled with unbearable pain, which was shared by the whole entire nation. The governor made it out alive, but at 1:00 pm on November 22, 1963, at the Dallas Parkland Hospital, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was pronounced dead.( JFK’s assassination was extremely unjust due to his great contributions to the ending of segregational laws and other problems this country faced at that period in history. The fact that this man had the audacity to eliminate such a key figure in American politics is shocking. John F. Kennedy did not deserve such an abrupt ending to his life, for he was the leader this country needed at that time. His contributions to end segregation will be forever remembered. A few of his contributions included, making sure that African Americans …show more content…

His courage to deal with segregation, knowing the hate he would receive from southerners, is fascinating. Additionally, his ability to talk the Soviet Union out of launching missiles is also an amazing achievement. The assassination of JFK is something that will always bring about sadness. It always begs the question of why this had to happen to such an amazing person. This question can only be answered by the fact that this world is filled with evil, and sometimes because of this, death is inevitable, no matter how good of a person or strong of a leader you are. Rest in peace John F.

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