Essay On Asymmetrical Warfare

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Asymmetrical warfare has been found since the two hundred years ago. Even though many doctrines taught to perform a battlefield that is just and symmetrical, however and asymmetrical warfare cannot be prevented. All colonial wars of late-nineteenth and twentieth century were asymmetrical war. There were Napoleonic France invasion to Spain, German-French War of 1870/71, US armed forces facilities during the Vietnam war, Red Army in Afghanistan et cetera. Even though the era has changed, but asymmetrical warfare can still be found. Michael Schmitt said “technology has evolved to the point where the concept of a line marking the heart of the battle no longer makes sense in too much a number of cases”. In the case of doctrine of principle of distinction, the development of high-tech military operations has caused more complexity in distinguishing military objectives and civilian objectives. Since the principle of distinction and proportionality related to each other, the development of technology in warfare particularly autonomous weapons has claimed to violate those two principles. As mentioned before, autonomous weapon is a high technology of …show more content…

The development of technology cannot be denied, it will go even broader. The actor involving in battlefield should remember the importance and aimed of the principle of international humanitarian law. The use of high technology should not create excessive harm toward the citizen. The discussion about hacking never resolved before, the existing moral and values of human rights can only be the sole baseline for this. Therefore, whoever developing autonomous weapons it should first strengthen the system before the initial launch, and make sure to lessen the risk. It is also necessary to have law regarding cyber warfare so that this issue can be address more in practice, for now it can only be address by

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