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Children suffer constipation from more than three to five years. Such is the problem child for a few months and a few days after the toilet closed. About one third of children, regardless of age, are subject to occasional constipation. What is baby constipation? When the baby 's fecal matter is hard, solid and sometimes in the form of pellets is called constipation. Constipation usually causes discomfort in the baby and for this reason crying. The child can shout pain. The fact that the child is restrained from going to the toilet is also an indicator: a constipated child often has pain when he goes to the saddle, due to anal fissures that can begin to bleed. What are the causes of baby constipation? Many of the children were constipation.…show more content…
 Giving natural fruit juice.  More fiber-rich foods keep in baby diet.  Soft massages on the baby 's tummy.  Some yoga positions can promote stool emission.  Suppository glycerin can be given. Usually constipation is solved (in babies who take the bottle) adding more amount of water to the milk. If you still try this, it will not be solved, and if your baby is more than a year old, you can try giving him a daily teaspoon of natural orange juice sweetened with industrialized honey. This usually normalizes bowel movements. Healthy diet is very important to avoid constipation. More fiber-rich foods keep in baby diet. Limit the consumption of very fatty and very sweet foods, as well as animal proteins. Soft massages on the baby 's tummy are also sometimes helpful and you should remember that you should never give enemas to a baby. The baby should be fed plenty of water and fiber to food. Some yoga positions can promote stool emission. Among other things, we recommend twisting the ground and posing the fish. Encourage the child to do at least one hour of exercise per day Warning! Do not give oral laxatives to treat constipation in children. Suppository glycerin can be given at

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