Essay On Becoming A Good Father

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Step Toward Becoming a Good Father

President Barack Obama says, “Any fool can have a child, but it takes a real man to be a father.” Such a statement from a positive person like Mr. Obama, who is an excellent father himself, speaks nothing but the truth. He means that any man can have babies (baby makers), but not every man can be a father. Making a child is very easy, but making a good father is very difficult. You, as a father, my questions to you are: are you a fool who’s having babies? Or are you a real father who’s having them?
My thing is this; every father ought to be a good one, since the welfare and happiness of his children are at stake. It’s also hard to raise a child the way you would really want to when the system and negative
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The examples and the moral principles and values that you set for them to follow—that’s what counts. Don’t just set them and expect your children to follow them without your supervision. Make sure that they are following every rule and regulation step by step. That’s being a good father, a father who loves and cares for his own flesh and blood—a devoted father. As a father, if you expect your children to behave in a positive way; your behavior cannot be negative toward them and other people; it just won’t…show more content…
Finding the best way to establish a value system that will guide them for the rest of their lives is a must. Always let your children know that it’s imperative to tell the truth at all times, even though the truth is going to get them in trouble. However, let them know also that by telling the truth they will be forgiven and blessed. But by telling lies, they will get severe punishment from their parents and from God himself. Let them know also that the children of the devil and Satan lie, but children of God tell the truth, just like I told my kids. Such a strategy will help your children to tell the truth and nothing but the

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