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The Chicano/Latino population of the United State has become the second largest minority in the states and as a result it has recently become the target of Corporate America and the media in efforts to profit off them. These efforts have taken the form of marketing tactics aimed at the population itself as well as the youths of the Chicano/Latino population. These efforts though have had mixed success, but have had some consequences for the population itself along with a few positive impacts. Corporate America for the most part has attempted to lure the Chicano/Latino population to their products by creating commercials and advertisements directly targeting them and no one else. They do this by usually have a predomitely Latino cast who speaks a mix of Spanish and English or just Spanish with English subtitles. They also place these commercials and advertisement in what they believe is a normal setting for the population. This can at times be harmful to the population as some companies may accidently use racial settings and racist undertones in …show more content…

The problem is that few English speaking media companies bother to seriously attempt to create a show or channel that targets the Chicano/Latino population and those who due are usually big named companies that were created by the population like Univision. This is usually because many of the attempts are usually half assed and done to appease calls for a more diverse cast or programming and the results from these calls are usually misguides and racist which harms the population as it exposes others to racist views and can even reinforce them. That and most research done into this shows that only recent immigrants stick to programming specifically targeting them while everyone else is distributed in all other programming. Sites also suffer the same fate as they are rarely looked at by upper generations and usually disappear after a

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