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Kai-Li Liao

Chinese foot binding is a practice for girls in China as an objective to restrict the growth of the feet, and it is to be believed that women with smaller feet are more beautiful that the ones with bigger feet. Examples are the women with feet size that measure 3 inches perfectly are called lotus of the gold and 4 inches considered silver lotus and the ones exceeding 4 inches are called iron lotus.The very start of Chinese foot binding was during the Sung dynasty (960-1279 A.D) when a Chinese emperor favored a concubine that binds her foot so she can dance ballet on her toes and sooner or later this practice became very fashionable and spread throughout China. Although Chinese traditional foot binding has lasted for a total of five dynasties and ten states foot binding has gave women an important part in
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At the time when foot binding is being practiced by everyone in China as Chinese would view big feet as something shameful while small feet as something proud of. A bound foot would symbolize that a woman has achieved womanhood and it serves as a symbol for a woman 's gender identity. However during 1644 when the Manchus conquered China, the Manchus tried banning foot binding however it failed instead foot binding became a symbolism of loyalty to the nation for the Han and it served as a marker of boundaries separating the civilized Han and the barbaric Manchus. Although women that practiced feet binding were obeyed by men in that time but it made women greatly depend on men because it restricted their movements and enforced their

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