Essay On Confederate Flag

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The Confederate flag on longer means racism The confederate battle flag is a proud relic among the southern states that has been handed down from generation to generation from is once heroic and brave ancestors that fought so valiantly for their confederate colors. Many of the southern states have taken the confederate colors and given them a self-proclaimed heritage to their states; even some of the state flags have confederate qualities in the design. The colors remind us of the stubborn legacies that still seem to matter in what we call our contemporary south. As the southerners wave their proud colors, their “proud colors” seem to make their way under the controversial Americans’ skin. Many that oppose the flag testify its original dark meaning still strikes fear within them and that the flags so called racist meaning still resides within the …show more content…

The pain a measly piece of fabric caused so long ago to men and women who names no one cared to remember. Tell me how these people you so boldly speak of, stating their pain and suffering was from this flag when you were not by their side and you did not share their pain you only read of it within your books in the comfort of your lavish home without even knowing their names. They say these colors still mean slavery but I see no slaves, I see no plantations with slave masters cracking their whips over a cotton field under were these flags that fly today. Instead I see colored children in segregated schools across the south with equal opportunities within the work industry for their parents; I see neighbors, caretakers, coworkers and friends. Why are people that are so uneducated in the history of these flags so quick to judge those who fly these colors over their homes? Today’s generation is being offended by a flag that is over 100 years old that carries no meaning slavery anymore, hiding behind being “politically

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