Essay On Confidentiality

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Confidentiality In a healthcare setting it is important to withhold personal information securely and safely. (Data protection act 1987 protect personal information). This can tell practitioners that information should be example of maintaining confidentiality can be in a day Centre for elderly people this is shown when a service user discloses personal information the worker should not spread the information to other people. However it is appropriate if the only time this can be broken is when the person is a danger to others or themselves. Confidentiality is important because if it is kept it builds trust and this results in service users feeling safe and content with disclosing information. If confidentiality is done effectively…show more content…
This means the worker has to respect others views and not pre judging others and making prejudgments about how others should be treated. Also dignity helps workers treat others with care and example of this in a care setting would be if a care worker respected the different choice of foods a service user ate because of religious reasons. A reason of why it is important is because it ensures that individuals receive a choice in what they want and what kind of care they want to receive. Effective dignity can result in happier patients and more social development with doing this effectively individuals will feel better about themselves and be more social. ineffective use of dignity can make individual antisocial and affect them example of this would be if a patient needed help getting out of bed to go to the bathroom and there was nobody there to assist them this could result in uncomfortable setting for the individual and embarrassment and frustration.if I were working in a health care setting I would make sure all clients feel comfortable and would regularly check on them and make sure they feel comfortable. A way I could empower clients in this scenario would be to promote autonomy and building trust. This way clients will feel safer and I would be seen as approachable if there are any
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