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One of America’s rapid growing problems today is crack babies. When you use the term or even hear the term crack babies, you think that the baby have been put on the drug or is even doing it themselves. But as a child, they have no say so or way of determining if they are a crack baby or not. So many pregnant women do drugs every day and the number is just increasing by the hour, it’s absolutely ridiculous. All mother have so much say so in their child’s life. While the child is in her womb, it is her who decides to drink that beer, smoke that cigarette. Get high off marijuana and smoke the crack. When she sticks that needle in her arm, she is deciding your life for you right there.
Who are Crack Babies? “Crack Babies” is a common term and or myth known as a baby born with severe brain problems and abnormalities. They are babies that are born to mothers who use cocaine during their pregnancy. Most likely the baby was exposed to cocaine from the mother in a smokable form as fetuses. Growing up a child will have social problems, he/she will not be able to fit in because of their physical appearance and their mental state will not be accurate. …show more content…

Crack baby is a pejorative, media generated term that is not scientific. Such babies, when they are born, are more accurately described as babies in distress.” This relates to the Myth’s About Addiction and other information I got on crack babies because everything falls down to the same things and the same myths. Crack babies are the same as a baby born to a mother who smokes tobacco, or who smokes marijuana every now and then. People make it seem out to be something worse than what it really is only because the word “crack” is known to be one of the worst drugs out in society, but what people confuse is that alcohol is actually a lot worse and has worse effects on a baby than cocaine

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