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Help in Crosswords Solving: Genius or Logic? In essence, crossword puzzles are clashes between puzzle makers and editors on one end and solvers on the other. However, unlike most battles, the main aim of the war is to see one side succeed: that of solvers. Puzzles may be difficult – and at times seem impossible – at first glance; however, after careful deliberation, solvers should emerge victorious. The perfect difficulty level is dependent on the solver’s ability. Most newspapers vary their crossword difficulty levels throughout the week: with Mondays being relatively easy and Saturdays the “mother of all crosswords”. This article will enable you to solve crossword puzzles by broadening your understanding of crosswords solutions and clues. You will realize that, knowledge of all the…show more content…
The first step to becoming a pro in crossword solving is selecting the right puzzles. This means, going for the puzzles that match your level of skill and have been made well. Step 1: Recognizing the Puzzles that have been made well Crosswords usually make use of words that are very obscure, hence making it an uphill task to figure out an entry; a tactical approach referred to as ‘crosswordese’. Most people believe it is a “necessary evil”; however, one way of identifying a good crossword is by checking the frequency of the occurrence of such entries. A crossword that utilizes crosswordese sparingly – or in a way that is acceptable, that is, it does not resort to ‘insanely’ obscure words – is a good puzzle. Of course, there are many other ways of noticing a good crossword puzzle; however, sticking to one that has a good pedigree is the easiest ways of doing it. Getting the correct difficulty level Some crossword publications indicate the level of puzzle difficulty: easy, medium or hard. Others use the day of the week – Monday to Saturday – to measure

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