Essay On Dental Radiology

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Dental radiographs are important tools in the diagnosis of oral diseases. It helps the dentist to employ appropriate treatment regimen for patient’s dental conditions, and plays a continual important role in dental practice. Radiation dosage from such dental radiographs are low and are thought to present minimal risk (Enabulele & Igbinedion, 2013) The radiation protection is the science and art of protecting people and environment from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation. It is also described as all activities directed towards minimizing radiation exposure of patients and personnel during x-ray exposure (Ahmed, Elamin, M, & Hassan, 2015) 1.2 STATEMENT OF PROBLEM This study is done to examine the level of knowledge regarding radiation …show more content…

Data will be described in the form of descriptive and inferential statistics. Descriptive statistic in the form of frequencies and percentages will be using to identify the knowledge and radiation protection awareness on Dental radiology among Final Year Dentistry Students. The Spearman’s rank correlation will be using to demonstrate the association between the knowledge on dental radiology and radiation protection awareness on dental radiology. 4.0 EXPECTED BENEFIT OF THE STUDY The result of the study will help final year dental students whom are going to be future dentists, to help them understanding importance of knowledge and radiation protection awareness on dental radiology. This study will identify the knowledge regarding awareness of radiation protection on dental radiology 5.0 SCPOES Final year dental students who have fair amount of knowledge and experience of identifying dental radiology and also possible explanation, because they have been practicing last three years of their studying on clinical field. 6.0 LIMITATION In this study data will be collected in 2 months and the number of participates will be 69 Dentistry students Final Year, to avoid any difficulties the sample size equation didn’t use and when sample is used the calculation became less, if the sample size equation used and the number of students answer the question became less, it will affect the

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