Clinical Negligence In Medical Practice

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1. Introduction:
Radiologists recently have been advanced because of radiology expanding practices in many sensitive medical cases. Recent charges against radiologists have brought new obligations and liabilities, making them vulnerable to higher degrees of legal cases against them. Negligence legal proceedings in radiology naturally appear as a result of failure to diagnosis or poor consultation and thus failure to react medically in a timely manner. A great percentage of radiologists are liable to face a claim every five years. Radiologists confront not high risks of malpractice suits if compare with other specialists. The most common medical lawsuits against radiologists are misdiagnosis of breast cancer on mammography and lung cancer. …show more content…

In fact, the very first duties of a physician are to take care, protect, take reasonable actions of care, and be more cautious and careful while diagnosing or checking for diseases. Thus, when we talk about medical centres, we mean everything related to health care services like radiology, cardiology, and blood testing for example. These services should be carefully and responsibly provided. For our present instance, we will be more concerned with clinical negligence to the practice of radiology.
As it has already been discussed in this paper, physicians are responsible for any clinical negligence that may cause harm or injury to the patient. In many journal studies researching radiology, various field cases have been identified and studied. They have shown that radiologists who have not been very often accused of clinical negligence have become in trouble. The errors committed while conducting their radiological work are sometimes caused by their lack of experience or out of their care. But in both cases, they are held to be liable and patients may file lawsuits against …show more content…

This means that abnormality is not perceived but it is missed while the cognitive abnormality is perceived but misinterpreted. According to same institution, the error is understood as negligence. This would refer to the fact that negligence happens when the degree of error passes the limit standard. The commonest radiological errors remain all related to the missed diagnoses, which are considered the most important reasons behind radiologists being sued. Moreover, the most commonly missed radiology checkups are about cancers more importantly breast and lung and spine

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