Essay On Feminism And Technology

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Feminine; The Avatar of dynamic power of creation and the reason I am able to discuss on its role and existence is more than just biology. Feminist is someone who believes that we are different only in our biological make up and that our psyche is so created by nature that men and women have to complement each other.
Man and Woman together form the two sides of the same coin!

And so, I shall begin this discussion by trying to understand what exactly feminism is; its historical developments, impact on us and then we shall consider its basic ideologies marking its roots and stem followed by converging our discussion towards how feminism is affecting the technology, if at all it is!

Feminism in its more generally understood sense is about women; their rights and power against the most obvious gender
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The social conditioning of men’s minds needs to be done to remove this psychological and culturally created differences even in technology sector. It is not uncommon to hear men mocking woman over usage of technology considering woman as inferior and less intelligent to work through technology. It is a totally through social discourses and the change in education system that we can understand and open our eyes to the role of woman in technology.

Alan Turing is considered as father of theoretical computer science and Charles Babbage as originator of a programmable computer but little do we know that it was Charles’ wife Ada Lovelace who wrote the first program in Victorian England. Her seminal publication ‘Sketch of the analytical engine’ was referred by even Turing to aide in the developments of his theories.

We celebrate days in the name of important men figures but have we even heard about Ada Lovelace day on 11th October which marks an international celebration of woman’s role in technology and
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