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Fin Rot
It is actually disease of fish. This disease is mostly found in aquaria and aquaculture. But it can also occure in natural population. Fin rot can be caused by Bacterial infection named as Pseudomonas fluorescens. Bacterial infection results ragged rotting of fin. Fin rot disease can also be cause by Fungal infection which rot the fin more consistently and produced a white boundary. Sometimes both of these infections are observed at a same time. Infection is commonly brought on by poor diet, injury, bad water conditions, secondary infection in fish which is previously stressed by other disease.
Fin rot initiates at the edge of the fins and obliterate more and more tissue until this disease reaches the fin base. The fish never able
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They are hard to detect at least in the initial stages. Fish have a lot of trouble with its breathing due to progression of ulcers.
• Skin
On the skin, there will be necrotic cuts. These will transform into ulcers, in one day or two days, caused by bacteria rotting the underlying tissue.
• Fins
On fins of the fish Large milky/cloudy patches can be observed. Presence of a lumber shaped lesion around the part of dorsal fin is the one typical sign . To describe this infection, Saddle Back Disease is frequently used in aquaculture.
• Behavior The fish will become lethargic and listless. The fish will be rest in the bottom of the tank. Unwillingness to feed is very usual and fish will become anorexic. Due to the damage, done by the infection to the gills, respiration will be often rapid.

At the beginning, there are difficulties to diagnose the disease because there are rarely any visible symptoms, the edge of only one or more fins turns opaque.
Commonly this disease starts in the caudal fin. There are two stages of mistiness of the edge of fins:
• A slight opacity little perceptible in a sector of the edge of the affected fin (beginning of the bacterial

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