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What is fractional distillation? Fractional distillation is a method of separating miscible liquids using heat. This technique is used for the separation of liquids which dissolve in each other. Several simple distillations are completed during fractional distillation using only one apparatus. During the process a mixture is separated into several parts called fractions. Mixtures contain different substance with different boiling points, the differences in boiling points is the main reason fractional distillation is effective. The temperature at which a phase change occurs from liquid to vapor is the boiling point. Fractional distillation Column Fractional distillation column is a fractionating column used for separating a mixture into its various …show more content…

Bio-diesel production yields undesirable by-products for example methanol and glycerin. These by-products are removed so that the bio-diesel is suitable for use. Fractional distillation is used in the essential oil, flavor and fragrance industry. Raw essential oils are extracted from different plants such as mint, clove and tee tree for example. These raw oils contains impurities that have a bad flavour or odor. Fractional distillation is used to remove or reduce impurities. Solvent recycling and solvent purification is another area where fractional distillation technology is applied. Industry and laboratories use large amount of solvents. Used solvents contain contaminants that can be removed by fractional distillation. The recycled solvents have purities suitable for re-use. Fractional distillation is used to separate the crude oil into its various components such as gasoline, kerosene oil, diesel oil, paraffin wax, liberating oil. Fractional distillation is also used for the purification of water. Water contains many dissolved impurities; these can be removed by this process. It is also used for separating acetone and

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