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Unknown 6- Isopropyl Alcohol We found that unknown 6 was Isopropyl alcohol. Its chemical name is isopropanol and the chemical formula C₃H₈O but is typically called isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is today used as a primary ingredient in rubbing alcohol. Is smells very unpleasant and is used for disinfecting pads used by medical professionals for tasks such as sanitizing small instruments, wiping down surfaces, and cleaning a patient’s skin before an injection. Since it is also a solvent, it has many cleaning uses. We predicted at once that is could be isopropanol because of its smell. Question: “What is the identity of unknown 6 in test tube 20?” Hypothesis: If I test the characteristic properties of unknown 6 then I will see its properties to be the same or similar to isopropanol. Characteristic property- Test 1- distillation Materials: Goggles, 250 ml beaker, 10 ml graduated …show more content…

Characteristic Property- Test 2- Density Materials: Triple Beam balance, distilled water, graduated cylinder, unknown 6 Procedure: first we found the mass of the empty graduated cylinder and then its mass with the now distilled unknown. After subtracting the mass of the graduated cylinder, we were able to find the volume. For every 1mL=1cm³ so there we had the volume found with the graduated cylinder. We divided the mass by the volume in order to get the density Data: We found that the density of our unknown was 0.76 g/cm3. Characteristic Property- Test 3- Flame Test Materials: tongs, unknown 6, matches Procedure: at the sink, we held a small piece of towel that was soaked with the liquid fraction 6 and held it with the tongs for the lit match to light it on fire. Data: We found that the unknown is flammable after it automatically lit on fire and burned during the burn test.

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