Nt1310 Unit 1 Essay

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Unit 2 discussion Assignment
Using one of the referenced website articles discuss how OS creates the illusion of virtualization by virtualizing the CPU. By running one process, then stopping it and running another, and so forth, the OS can promote the illusion that many virtual CPUs exist when in fact there is only one physical CPU (or a few). last week we learn and discussed about one of basic and fundamental concepts and what about of the operating system and in generally how it 's working and it 's own component that related to complete the work as a group like a team. from this perspective, I would use one of the reference website articles that given for this week and introduced to the concepts of operating systems and discuss one of the most fundamental abstraction that the operating system provides to us to use . discuss how operating system creates the illusion of virtualization by the CPU. to run more than one program at once without no distraction, for example, take a look the desktop or laptop where we might like to run a web browser, mail program, a game , a music player, and so forth. would be surprisingly the system running one process, and stopping it and …show more content…

Time - sharing or multitasking is a logical extension of multi programming. processor 's time which is shared among multiple users simultaneously without no affecting anything is termed as time- sharing. this is one of the greatest operating system of our generation . the main difference between multi programmed Batch Systems and Time - Sharing system is that in case of multi programmed batch system, objective is to maximize processor use, whereas in time-Sharing Systems objective is to minimize response time. this multiple jobs are executed by the CPU by switching between them, but the switches occur so frequently. the user can receives an immediate

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