Essay On Freedom Of Speech In America

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We no longer have freedom of speech in America out of fear of offending someone. These issues are not covered by the media so many people don’t believe that America is being censored. Many people are being fired or suspended because the words that were spoke by that person were to offensive for the other persons taste. Words are twisted by the media, and people are made out to be monsters all because of some words that were said, when really it’s just words. Paula dean was fired from the food industry because of something she said 30 years ago, Chick-Fil-A was boycotted because their views weren’t the same as others, Brendon Ike was fired because of a few words that he said on social media, it seems like everything that is said or done offends someone in some way. Any word can be a crime. A British singer was arrested because of some words that he sang. Students are kept away from certain words, which limits their freedom of speech. “safe space” is where people can go and feel “safe”, but no one is ever safe from the mouths of humans. Freedom of speech is a right guaranteed by the constitution. Politicians, schools, public places, they are all trying to take away our freedom of speech, it will come to a point where all of our conversations will be “staged” to some extent, because we won’t be…show more content…
When you look at the big picture you see that many things that are happening or that are legal, are against the constitution. Gay marriage, Silencing America, taking away equal rights, and many more. America is being silenced, people are being turned into “monsters” by the media, all because of words. It’s just words that offend people, it’s just a few letters combined together that can destroy a person’s image, or give officials the “right” to prosecute you, all because they used their right to freedom of speech. If we , as Americans are silenced, our government should be silenced
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