Essay On Homeless Shelter

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Many people do not know a bunch about homeless shelters with what they can entail. A typically homeless shelter can cost about 4,819 dollars per month just to keep it running. With no sense of permanency within the shelters, they cannot be considered a long term solution for solving homelessness (Semuels). Some homeless people will try their best to get into any homeless shelter for the night, but nearly 70% of the cities in America reported that their shelters were full and they ended up having to turn the homeless people away for that night (Philipps 22). Of that daily shelter space, more than half the people in the shelter are chronically homeless (Lee 514). The homeless people who do not try to get into a homeless shelter for the night …show more content…

Many of the homeless have difficulty finding access to the internet to find information they need. If they can find access to the internet, then it can prove useful in finding information on where they can start turning their lives back around such as finding employment (Philipps 21-22). By solving homelessness, other problems within America such as food insecurity, unemployment, and drug and alcohol abuse can be solved as well. If other problems benefited from solving homelessness, then solving Americas homeless problem should be of upmost importance (Semuels). In order to prevent and solve homelessness, America needs to buffer adverse life events. Adverse life events are documented risk factors in a person. By buffering things like unemployment and health factors, homelessness can be prevented and can help start solving it (Curtis 2228). America has been taking initiative to solve other problems, while the homeless problem as also benefited. The bottom 2% of Americas population has grown out of poverty since the minimum wage was increased around 2000-2003 (Wright 39). Some people think in order to solve homelessness America needs to take the overall money the government spends on programs that help the homeless and increase that budget, but America runs into the problem of

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