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The Honor Society helped me stay motivated while enrolled in the Washington State University (WSU) Mechanical Engineering Program. I made the decision to go back to school and earn my Mechanical Engineering degree. It was a difficult decision at the time as I was working fulltime as a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Programmer in the aerospace industry and my husband and I had just had a baby. I realized that engineering was my passion and I would do whatever it took to earn the degree. I had already completed the course requirements for the first two years of the mechanical engineering program and decided to quit my job and go back to school fulltime. It was a tough financial decision because as a two income household we would be losing…show more content…
I began the program while my son was almost 1 years old. I was dedicated to waking up around 4:00am each day to allow myself enough time to study before my classes and my school day would end at 3:00pm in which I would go back home to watch my son while my husband went to work. Keeping up with this schedule was very difficult and even more so when unexpected dilemmas would arise such as getting the flu, being up all night with a teething baby and or seasonal allergies for myself and or the baby. I would have to really strategize to try to make up for the time lost and sometimes I was unable to make up the time and it would affect my grades. Every semester was goal was to get straight A’s but with balancing school and a child, sometimes there just were not enough hours in the day to get perfect grades. Despite the demanding academic and home schedule I proudly earned high enough grades to be recognized on the WSU Presidential Awards Program: President’s Honor Roll and I was additionally offered membership to the Honor Society. I was ecstatic to be offered membership to the Honor Society. Immediately I envisioned myself at graduation wearing my cap and gown complemented with Honor Society Regalia. The thought of wearing the regalia was a significant visual indication of the hard work I did and I was eager to show it off to my family, friends and fellow
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