Essay On How Did The American Colonists Win The Revolution

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How The American Colonists Won the Revolution

April fifteenth, 1775 was the beginning of a war that would reshape politics for ages to come. A war that truly defines America as a strong and able country that could sustain itself without the assistance from what was then the strongest empire in the world; the British. Eight years it took, to define America as a place of its own, but that was not without trying, there were several main factors that made it possible for the early American colonies to win the war: assistance from the French, the residual debt the British had from the Seven Year War, and American morale for the war was much higher than the British forces. These three factors were extraordinarily important when it came to America …show more content…

Benjamin Franklin had previously went to France to rally support for the new nation, and America was well received in France, so it was no doubt that after the later Treaty of Alliance was signed that France would join in on the war. The French contributed to the American Revolution in two main ways: by funding the military efforts and by adding over fifteen thousand military trained military personnel. The funding from France was extraordinarily important, the French spending over 1.3 billion livres- or circa 18.85 billion dollars in today’s terms. This funding was important due to the fact that wars need to be funded for things such as weaponry and sustenance which are both necessary in fighting a war. The French military expansion was pivotal. In total eighty thousand American colonists from the formed militias and the Continental Army fought in the revolution, but the assistance of circa fifteen thousand plus members of the French military was obviously a pretty decent helping hand for the colonists. The French military also gave America quite a few skilled military leaders, such as Marquis de Lafayette, who was one of the crucial leaders during the Siege of …show more content…

During a war, personal morale is not high; the constant bloodshed and difficulties- both physical and mental, would take a toll on anyone. Yet, the colonial military knew that they were fighting against a government that did not truly benefit them, a government that had abused them again and again. Despite the fact that they were not a strong military, they were a group of people coming together to work towards a better future. The people who served, truly wanted to fight and were not forced by a government. The men elected their own leaders, picking people who they saw best fit to lead them to

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