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This report is about improving students’ memory. The aim to research on this topic is to help students to improve their memory and be have better prepared for exam. Improving memories will take time to improve. The effectiveness will be shown if taking a conscious effort to improve. Though improve memory might not be an easy task, but eating healthily and other tips will help to improve memory. This report covers some background information of the two type of memory. From there, there will be tips to improve both type of memories and lastly will be the brain food that can help to improve memory. Long Term Memory is a thing that is not remembered quickly. This happens when revising for a test or exam. Things that get stored in long term memory …show more content…

This can last for days and even decades. There are two types of memory in Long Term Memory. One of them is declarative memory. It is in the conscious minds. It involves conscious effort to recall and can be either be episodic or semantic. The other is procedural memory. It is usually the natural response to the surroundings, such as how to ride a bicycle or play the instrument. This type of long term memory can be remembered without consciously think about it. Short-term memory is the kind of memory our brain uses to accumulate small pieces of information that required right away, like somebody’s name that you must recall. Research has established that short-term memory’s capacity is about seven pieces of information. Something would be forgotten if it is more than that. Brain foods are the vitamins and other nutritious supplements that enable to make up for deficiencies which are causing your memory loss. There are three main memory supplements which can improve your memory such as, B Vitamins, antioxidants and omega-3 Fatty Acids Long term memories will weaken naturally when the age get older and is loss due to the effect of exacerbated of stress and

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