Essay On Immigration Reform

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The land of the free and the home of the brave. This is where immigrants migrate toward to get their chance at “The American Dream”. This is difficult because of the laws put forth to keep immigrants out. In order to benefit both Americans and the immigrants by allowing them to reside in the U.S. , there has to be a substantial program put in place. This will be a vast program made up of a multitude of rules and regulations spread across three major categories, consisting of a screening process, a labor program, and a transitioning process. The most necessary of these to make this safe and possible is the screening process. This process must be strict in order to keep out terrorist and low lives who will bring no benefit to the American economy. First and foremost, every …show more content…

So far the program has narrowed it down to law abiding wealthy immigrants who can fend for themselves and benefit the American economy. These immigrants also have jobs lined up and waiting for them in America. This last and final process is to make sure the immigrants have a place to go once they are on American soil. The American people will not pay for any on the immigrants expenses. The immigrants will be responsible for covering their traveling and new place of residence. However they can be assisted in finding a new place of residency near their new occupation. After getting into the homes and starting the new jobs, all of the immigrants will be issued a Social Security Number (SSN). Since having a SSN doesn’t always guarantee you an American citizen, that will be the last and final step.To become an American citizen all that is needed is to pass through the program succefully. No citizenship test is needed, because “one in three native born citizens fail the civics portion of the naturalization test”. If native born U.S. citizens can’t even pass their own citizenship test, then how can Americans ask non-citizens to do

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