Essay On Immigration Reform

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America is widely known as a one of the most highly diverse melting pot of religions, ethnicities, and languages that all collaborate on a daily basis. Everyone relies on each other to keep the glue bound strong and continue to advance into a prosperous future. With this privilege though, comes a large responsibilities to Americans to allow change and growth to take place. It is our duty to welcome immigrants and allow change to take place in laws to make immigration less of an issue and more of an compliance between nations to allow trust throughout America. Our immigration system today completely defeats the purpose of diversity but instead forces strict policies that make it nearly impossible for people who want to become a part of America …show more content…

A decent idea to limit the amount of immigrants who enter this country would be a form of green-card tariff that makes immigrants have to pay a slight fee to enter this country. This would be a helpful idea mainly due to the fact that it is implying that if an immigrant is willing to dedicate their days in America to better the country and themselves, then it shouldn’t be a problem to pay a small fee to begin aiding America’s economic system. The fee would not be a phenomenal amount but would be just enough to cover certain expenses it takes to allow them into the country and could possibly begin a form of retirement plan for when it is needed. A reason that would be beneficial to them is mainly due to the fact that is the assumption that immigrants don’t know exactly how expenses in the states are dealt with meaning if we make a regulation to pay it would become known that their money is being used for good and the other fact of the matter being that migrants might not know exactly how to take care of themselves in the long run meaning that we can take the small opportunity to put them on the right track. The debt America is in at the moment is far more than what we can just “jump” out of but if we can guarantee a steady income from these fees than at the very least we can rely on immigrants making us some money rather than taking

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