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Arnold Edinborough said “Curiosity is the very basis of education and if you tell me that curiosity killed the cat, I say only the cat died noble”. Intellectual curiosity is an important virtue in my opinion, because in today’s fast-paced world where technology is advancing day by day, new medical breakthroughs occurring, skills at work require updating to keep one 's job, if one doesn’t use intellectual curiosity to question, research, learn, and prepare themselves with knowledge, the workforce can not keep up with the world changes as well as their children’s lives, I have used Marie Curie as a prime example of a person using intellectual curiosity, overcoming several personal obstacles and leading a life developing equipment to enhance…show more content…
Intellectual curiosity allows for full and active involvement in someone 's life as one is always learning about places or thing or people. Your brain is constantly active and learning thereby making a smarter more interesting personality and one can also become very resourceful in finding out information from different sources.(Sklare). When we learn and gain more knowledge we think outside the box this has broadened our views on subjects and we become more understanding and tolerant of other people 's opinions as we have less of a narrow tunnel vision and are less ignorant of issues. We expand intellectually and socially as we gain new information and develop unbiased viewpoints. However when asking questions to develop intellectual curiosity logic and reasoning requires application. Intellectual curiosity should expand wisdom and not create risks nor cause danger nor lead to arrogant, egotistical mannerisms where one develops an attitude of superiority to other fellow human beings which in return defeats the purpose of developing this virtue. To develop this virtue, one needs to invest time and money and one must never become habitual routine robot like beings as this will not enable new ideas and developments to occur in life. When people are well-informed about their topic at hand the result being better clearer choices in life and positive consequences, thereby improving their lives

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