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As the number of people who are overweight increases, so are the numbers of products that claim to assist in losing weight. Some of the methods are said to be more effective in losing weight than others. One of the methods that are known to assist you in shedding off those pounds is juicing.

What is Juicing?

Most of the foods – fruits and vegetables – are taken in solid form. Juicing is a diet in which solid foods mostly fruits and vegetables are converted into liquid using a juicer and then drunk. Depending on its purpose, juicing can be done for days or even hours. It can also be done per meal where you replace one of the meals – lunch or supper – with a juice.

Juicing: How it helps in Weight loss

Originally, food was meant to be taken raw – without cooking. Cooking has a lot of effects on
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It is the liquid part that is used in the juicing diet. Most of the minerals, enzymes and vitamins are separated with the fluid part. The solid part is mostly made up of calories. This way, you maximize on the nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables while avoiding the many calories in them.Carrot juice

Most people lose about 10 to 20 pounds. Though most of the weight lost in the first week is mostly inform of water, it is still weight lost. After the first week, you will lose weight depending on your level of daily activities and the calories in your preferred juice.

Apart from weight lose, juicing has other advantages:

Juicing cleanses the digestive system It is easier for the body to absorb nutrients from juice Juicing rejuvenates your body Most diseases originate or can be traced back to the digestive system. Juicing helps to keep your body off diseases

For maximum benefits, it is advisable to make the juice from fresh vegetables and fruits. Chemical and juices containing preservatives should be avoided.

Types of Juices

Aloe vera
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